We're inviting you to join the Juice Generation to learn what making your own plant-filled concoctions can do for you, and for your family and friends.

We created this book to distill our 15 years of wisdom into a field guide you can use to help you find juicing confidence in your own kitchen. We've created what we hope is a foolproof method that takes anyone from beginner to experienced in terms of their skill and taste palate. It's called the Green Curve, and it's based on our many years of seeing how our patrons tastes have naturally expanded and evolved.

The Green Curve rolls out our favorite recipes over three distinct phases that we recommend should last for about three weeks each. This 3 x 3 formula helps you get accustomed to the recipes in each phase at a reasonable pace before moving on to the next level of complexity and flavor intensity.

Phase 1: You'll aim to make two to three juices or smoothies a week, with at least 30 percent including a handful of leafy greens like spinach or kale.

Phase 2: You'll aim to make five juices or smoothies a week, at least 50 percent including handfuls of leafy greens.

Phase 3: You'll aim to have a drink with green vegetables in it every day, with a few non-green elixirs as needed or as treats! That's a 90 percent green rate.